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Technology and Systems Consulting Services focus on the exponential impact that technology has on business operations and compliance. Leveraging the optimal technology tools allows for integration, automation, security, and compliance throughout the organization. These themes are the center of our technology strategies through custom engagements and predefined SLA-based ongoing engagements.

Business Communication & Mobility

Complete business communication platform design, implementation, and management focused on creating a connected workplace for employees and customers. Our communication enabling platform is focused on reliability and security for our business clients. Through the discovery process, we identify important considerations for each business’s specific needs an environment. We then develop a solution focused on client’s specific needs and budget leveraging our strategic partnerships with industry leading vendors.
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Cybersecurity for Small Business

Our cyber security services are packaged service offerings aimed to assist small and medium sized businesses in cyber security policy and best practices in accordance with the AICPA SOC I, II, & III standards among other industry compliance requirements with a catalog of custom solutions to fit your business needs and ensure security & peace-of-mind.

Legacy Technology & Systems Modernization

Migrating legacy systems is not an easy task, but it’s necessary if you want to keep your business running smoothly. Legacy systems are those that are no longer supported by the original software vendor and have not been updated or upgraded in a long time. The migration process can be costly and time-consuming, but without it, your business will be at risk. You can’t keep using old computers and software that are vulnerable to outside threats like viruses or hackers. It’s important to remember that these old technologies could cause major disruptions in the future if they’re not addressed properly now.
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Software Stack Mapping & Optimization

Complete inventory and analysis of current software, hardware and technology systems across current business environment and develop a long-term strategic plan to integrate, improve, or replace current systems offering increased business efficiency, security, and optimal technology systems. This includes current state, optimal state, & roadmapping of software tools throughout the entire organization.

Systems Integration & Data Governance

The flow of organizational data throughout the workplace environment is crucial to understand and monitor. Systems integration between software allows for secure and reliable connectivity between applications to automate and secure the flow of data. Proper data governance is crucial to data strategy with costly fines and industry regulatory scrutiny for operatioal data.
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Technology Hardware Lifecycle Optimization

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